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#that was my attempt at showing you guys the booty #Just saying

So my mom is mad that I carry my name tag in my back pocket with this Mario kart lanyard all the time…

So my mom is mad that I carry my name tag in my back pocket with this Mario kart lanyard all the time…

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"It’s an honor that Puyol thought about me to succeed him.” - Sergio Busquets

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Wolverine + the cat

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Anonymous → Ciao!! Just wanted to say that I love you and your blog but I hardly ever see you on my dash anymore which sucks :/ guess ill just have to stalk your blog more often :P x

Ciao!!! And I know I haven’t been on that much but not having a computer sucks. Plus work is stealing most of my time. I’ll try to be in more often since I like the tumblr app on my new phone

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im such a sarcastic bitch it’s beautiful

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"Io sono destinato ad avere l’anima perpetuamente in tempesta."
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The Defenders:

"They are the wall and they are the heart."

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Sergio Busquets’ new shirt in FCBotiga.

Sergio Busquets’ new shirt in FCBotiga.

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"I was with my wife at the hotel when Barça called me. She was more happy than I was."
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La Liga 2014/ 15.

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I feel like I should leave the house and come back with a tattoo. Just to stir the pot…

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