all imperfections and what not. i havent sang since choir in 8th grade. thats 8 years ago!!! also this isnt really meant for my pitch. and its also meant for 5 people…

when your ears bleed blame fatima. 

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  1. sergiobusquetsburgos said: Aww Carlos this was amazing and adorable :)
  2. ilanaglzer said: oh my god this is brilliant
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    omfg this made my day, I was crying and i saw this. My sister thinks im crazy emotional because I my mood changed so...
  4. mascheranojavier said: At first i thought this was a little present for diana omg then i saw fatima asked for it nonetheless I am shaking laughing omfg thank you for this bless you x10000
  5. sergisroberto said: omg fdjaslfjakld this is gold hahaah, YAY FOR THE SPANISH VERSION!!!!!
  6. halalmuslim said: omfg dkjfkjfkd
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    Yes yes yessss. Totally agree on the crappy week, especially today. This helped! :)
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    Too adorable!! You are literally the sweetest guy ever. People, especially barca fans if you are not following this guy...
  9. cruyffsbeckenbauer said: how will I watch it if it’s private?
  10. grahamzusi said: I think you have to make it public so we can see it! It says it’s private when you click to play.
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